What Fruit Can Horses Eat : 3 Ways To Find Out

What fruit can horses eat ? Horses can eat a number of foods. Besides just eating hay they can eat many different types of fruits. There are some fruits that are safe for the horse to eat and will allow them to get the nutrients they need and allow them to have some new foods. Not all horses will like the same fruits so the owner may need to try different ones to meet the taste preferences of the horse.

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Before giving the horse any fruits they need to be carefully washed to remove any pesticides that may have gotten on the skin. The fruit cannot be moldy or rotten in any way. The fruit can be cut into strips so that the horse will not choke and they will not get stuck in the horses’ throat.

Horses like to eat apples. They are sweet and refreshing. The horses like the taste of them and they will think they are getting a special treat with the apples. The apples should be cut up into pieces before given to the horse.

Many people do not think that horses would like apricots but they do enjoy this fruit. They have a sweet taste that the horses enjoy. While the apricots are small they should still be cut into strips so the horse does not choke.

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A horse can eat a coconut. The outer shell of the coconut needs to be removed and the coconut flesh needs to be cut into strips. Coconuts contain many nutrients and they are good for the horse to consume.

what fruit can horses eat

Bananas are good for the horse too. The bananas are easier to feed the horse. They can be sliced up and fed to the horse with the peel on and it will not harm them at all.

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Many people would not think that a horse would eat a grapefruit but they like this fruit as a treat. Before giving the horse the grapefruit remove the peel and break it up into segments. This will allow the horse to safely enjoy this fruit.

A horse digestive system should be fed in small pieces, fruits and vegetables as well as a wide variety can prove to cause toxicity to horses and feeding fruits can lead to colic, if you remove the core and remove the pit it could be safe to feed, however do your own research to make sure.

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Blackberries are easy treats to give to the horse. A person can feed them a berry at a time and they ca enjoy this berry as a juicy treat.

Oranges are good for the horse to eat as well. Oranges are full of vitamins including vitamin C and potassium. Before giving the orange to the horse be sure to remove the peel and the seeds. The oranges can also be broken into segments before they are given to the horse.


Watermelon is sweet and has a nice taste to it. Watermelon has a taste that most people like and is very hydration. Watermelon has a high portion of water and can help keep the horse hydrated on a hot day. The rind should be removed from the watermelon and it should be cut into cubes. The horse can then snack on the melon cubes as it cools down.

Pineapple may be a tropical fruit but it is a favorite of a horse. A person needs to be careful when they are feeding the horse pineapple. All of the outer skin should be removed. The core is a little touch and should not be given to the horse. Small cubes are ideal for feeding pineapple to the horse as a treat.

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These are some of the fruits that the horse can eat. These fruits are safe for the horse and they can enjoy a cool treat in addition to their regular food.