What Is A Pocket Pitbull And Where Do They Come From ?

What is a pocket pitbull ? As you are eager to get a new dog to make your household livelier, you might need to consider different breeds available in the market. The Pocket Pitbull has been gaining more popularity over the last decade. It is prominent for its friendly and lively traits if well catered for. This is a comprehensive guide on all that you need to know about the Pocket Pitbull.

Pocket Pitbull : Engaging Insights You Need To Know About

Origin of the Pocket Pitbull

What is a Pocket Pitbull? There is a substantial possibility that a Pocket Pitbull is a hybrid of the Patterdale Terrier and American Pitbull Terrier.

The father is a smaller Patterdale Terrier, and the mother is a Pitbull, accounting for its difference in size. Facts surrounding the origin of the Pocket Pitbull is a little fuzzy as there is not a mention of the breeder.

• Patterdale Terrier- The Patterdale terrier breed was previously trained to aid in the protection of livestock and chasing small quarry. It is an intelligent, loyal, focused, and sweet-natured breed.

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• American Pitbull- an American Pitbull were used as baiting and fighting dogs in the 18th and 19th centuries. They are trainable, obedient, and enthusiastic about mental and physical challenges.

Physical Attributes of a Pocket Pitbull

• Size- being a crossbreed, estimation size of a male or female pocket Pitbull is a slight challenge. The average size of male and female breeds is 11-22 pounds, while the average height is 12-16 inches.

• Color- A pocket Pitbull can come in the color combination of fawn, red, buckskin, black brindles, blue, black, blue & tan, black & tan, brown, white & seal, or chocolate. It can be of solid color or with tan/white markings.

• Coat- this breed has a short and smooth coat inherited from its parents. The quality of his/her coat is highly dependent on the type and interval of your grooming process.

Appropriate Grooming for a Pocket Pitbull

Being that the Pocket Pitbull has a short, shiny, and single coat, you need to adhere to the general rule of brushing it daily. You can use rubber mitt in cleaning the coat at least once a week to remove excess hair to maintain its integrity. You should have a regular timetable for bathing. Once in a while, you might need to bathe him/her after rolling in the dirt.

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You might need to brush teeth of your Pocket Pitbull regularly to reduce the build-up of tartar that might bring you gum disease. It is advisable to introduce your dog to the regular brushing of teeth from puppyhood. Daily dental chews and Abrasive chews can be used alongside a kibble diet to keep his/her teeth healthy, clean, and strong.

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How can I Care for a Pocket Pitbull ?

• Exercise Requirements- A Pocket Pitbull requires regular exercise to maintain perfect mental and physical shape. Exercise helps your dog to build muscle and let go of pent-up energy. You can supplement your daily workouts with leash walks and playing fetch for stronger bonds.

• Food and Dietary Requirements-  needs a high-quality kibble diet. You can feed him/her twice a day, most preferably, 1 or 2 cups of kibble in the morning and evening.

• Training- your dog needs training from puppyhood. Your training should include positive reinforcement and training for recall. Introduce your dog to strangers and unfamiliar dogs to make him/her more friendly.

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What do I need to Know About Health of a Pocket Pitbull ?

The average lifespan of a is 11-13 years, during which it can be affected by;

• Hypothyroidism- this condition causes a reduction in hormone levels. It can make your dog gain more weight, feel lethargic, and have a duller coat.

• Hip Dysplasia- Your dog can suffer from hip joint malformation, inherited from the Pitbull parent. This condition can develop into osteoarthritis if left unchecked.

• Allergies- the Pocket Pitbull is allergic to mold spores, pollens, certain food, dust, cigar smoke, fleas, cleaning products, and perfume.

• Eye Problems-  is likely to suffer from cherry eye, corneal wounds, dry eye, pink eye, glaucoma, and cataracts.

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• Heart Problems- suffer from heart problems that may cause laziness and poor health. Most heart conditions can be treated if diagnosed in time.

In conclusion,  is muscular, fierce-looking, but very friendly and protective of friends and family. Adequate socializing and training can help your dog to grow into one of the most essential additions to your family.

This dog breed is a high quality parent breeds for positive reinforcement comparable to the american pitbull terrier or miniature pitbull. A large dog is considered to have health problems more than a designer dogs. The pocket pit or patterdale terrier similar to an american pit bull terrier 12 to 16 inches in height.