When Do Kittens Stop Growing : 6 Stages You Should Know

When do kittens stop growing ? If you are a cat owner, you perhaps remember how sweet your cat was when it was just a small kitten. Also, you perhaps remember how quickly it went from being a cute, fluffy kitten to a full-grown cat.


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But, that fast growth did not happen instantly, and there are specific phases your feline goes through to reach its full size. In this article, we are going to look at when a kitten stops growing and how you can tell it has attained its maturity.

When do kittens stop growing?

According to experts, cats reach their maturity at the age of 12 months, which means that it’s the age when the personality of your cat has matured and also solidifies into how it’ll behave throughout its adult life.


However, a cat does not develop with the same constancy. For some cat breeds, growth towards full maturity happens more quickly or more slowly. In most cases, cats attain their full size somewhere between the age of 18 months to three years or even five years.

when do kittens stop growing


The lifecycle of cats

It’s vital to understand the lifecycle of a cat to understand when and how cats grow. However, you should remember that the particular dates vary from one cat to another, although some general lines are quite accurate. The life cycle of a cat can be broken down into five stages, as outlined below.

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Stage 1: Kitten (0 to 6 months old)

Cats grow pretty fast and also change the most in this stage because it’s the earliest phase of development. Again, it’s their most impressionable stage, as well.

Stage 2: Junior (6 months to 2 years old)

The cats continue their growth and maturity in this period. It’s recommended to play with your feline in this stage to help it become comfortable and also develop self-confidence.

Stage 3: Prime Adult (3 years to 6 years)

This stage is known as the healthy prime stage in the lifecycle of a cat. They usually feel the most comfortable and confident during this phase.


Stage 4: Mature Adult (7years to 10 years)

In this phase, cats looking more like humans because they become less active each day as they grow old. As a result, they are also more susceptible to obesity as well as developing health problems like kidney disease and diabetes.

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Stage 5: Senior (11years to 14 years)

The lifespan of felines might vary from one cat to another, but in many cases, they usually reach the phase of becoming senior felines. This phase of their life is also the stage where your cat’s health begins collapsing.

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Stage 6: Geriatric (15 years and above)

This stage is usually reserved for tough cats. Next to the senior phase, this stage is characterized by behavioral changes that might include changes in litter box usage, in vocalization and can also be accompanied by underlying medical issues as well.

How to know when your cat has attained its full size

According to experts, cats can continue growing even after their first year, but the growth rate will be quite slower after that duration. If you do not measure your feline every day, you may not even realize that they are growing.

One of the best ways to know if your feline friend has stopped growing is to weigh and measure it every single month. When you measure your cats once a month, you’ll notice that their measurements are changing consistently, from one month to the other.

Whether your cat is a mixed breed or a purebred, body measurements are significantly reliable when checking if it has attained its full size, while weight is usually the least reliable. You can only use the weight as a form of backup information.

Adult cat food helps cat’s to grow into adult size and also helps with their sexual maturity, kittens growth happens over time and a kitten starting out should be eating kitten food, you should spay or neuter your cat at a certain months of age for a coon cat. The height and weight also the year of age will factor in to when kittens grow is fully grown.