Why Do Cats Headbutt ? 4 Ways For Them To Communicate

Why do cats headbutt ? Cat headbutting refers to that moment when a cat rubs his head against you. In fact, cats are enigmatic creatures and can prove to be mysterious creatures to their human companions at times.

• Affection

These creatures have scent glands on their body which they usually secrete so that they mark objects they encounter. They usually portray this for bonding, comforting, socializing, as well as friendly purposes.

It represents an affectionate gesture. Cats display headbutting towards cats, humans, as well as dogs. Cats can also head-butt you as a sign of love. Cats do this to people they love.

why do cats headbutt


• Seeking your attention

Another reason why cats do this is that they want to seek your attention. It might want you to pet it. Past experiences have shown that when the cat does headbutt you should respond by scratching its back or any other place it likes to be touched.

• Expressing they’re hungry

Cats can head-butt you as they try to tell you they’re hungry. This is one way cats use to express that they are hungry. So if you see a cat headbutt you, it means you should give it some milk.

• Mark it as their property

Cats also secrete and subtle scent called pheromones. Pheromones help cats to communicate with other cats. It’s through these secretions that cat headbutt you to mean mark their territory hence making you their property. So when you notice a cat headbutt on you it’s trying to mean that you’re his own.

Colony scent is done with cat behavior with their cat owners. While cat bunting is complex and while cats especially wild cats have ways of communicating it is not always know to humans.

Cats show affection in different ways according to Pam Johnson Bennett, cats do use scent to be able to show affection and marks on objects including head bunts.

Feline companions show there affection through head pressing with scent communication is complex. Cats have scent glands which can mark the scent to mark and create familiarity and show affection.