Best Dog Food For Bulldogs

Best dog food for English bulldogs ? From their big expressive eyes to their playful yet cuddly personalities it’s no wonder why English Bulldogs are a highly popular dog breed!

We all love our pets and making sure that we can take the best care of them and provide them with the best food. As any owner or dog enthusiast knows, English Bulldogs are far from the healthiest breed.

The Best Dog Food For English Bulldogs On The Move

No matter which breeder you get your bully from, a study by the Canine Genetics and Epidemiology journal has found that because English Bulldogs were bred from a relatively small pool of original dogs, they have a very low amount of genetic diversity. 

english bulldog puppy food suggestions


So low that 93% of them carry genes for various genetic orders. This is a common problem in the dog breeding world, and often leads to puppies with illnesses or problems both at birth, and throughout the rest of their life.

Best Dry Dog Food For English Bulldogs Owners ?

As you can imagine when considering the best food for any dog breed, it’s best to look at which problems that breed faces and what nutritional elements can help combat those problems.

Being able to find the best-formulated dog food for your dog’s specific problems is always the healthiest way to keep your dog fed. For English Bulldogs, problems like cherry eye where the dog’s eye has a gland prolapse and more frequent breathing problems are just born defects, but many problems from their various skin issues to their serious joint problems can be helped with the right diet and food type.

Lessening the impact of some of the English Bulldogs’ worse conditions can help your pet live a longer and happier life. In the end, what’s better than that.

Best Wet Dog Food For English Bulldogs

Best Dog Food For Bulldogs : Nutrition

While it’s obvious that it’s a constant struggle for any Bulldog lover to handle medical problems, knowing a few facts in nutrition can help. Sometimes visiting the vet consistently or trying to get their time ask them questions can be difficult.

Vets can be pretty busy taking care of our small family, so this guide is here. Many English Bulldog health problems can be helped with the proper diet, which in large part means picking the right nutrients for them.

This can be a difficult task because some dog food brands label the daily value of the nutrients, without regard for some breeds like the English Bulldog needing more of a certain type than others.

You want to ensure you have the right fat content and sources of protein. Fruits and vegetables such as sweet potatoes are high quality ingredients.

Best Food For English Bulldog Puppy With A Bad Hip

Weight gain could be limited by the amount of fat the dogs eat. Bulldog puppies are earthborn holistic and having the correct amount of protein are a great choice.

Dogs has different life stages, vitamins and minerals should be found in quality dog foods, this will prevent hip dysplasia and keep healthy skin. Find a chicken meal with natural ingredients.

What about consistency ?

For the English Bulldog, one of these key nutrients is a sufficient and steady source of vitamin C being present for their joint problems. Consistency is key with this one.

Being on and off with the right amounts can cause flare-ups of these joint problems. Now while a slice of orange might make a good treat and cover the need of vitamin C for the day, it’s not ideal for daily nutrition due to the high sugar content exacerbating their dental problems.

What Is The Best Dog Food For English Mastiff ?

Dental problems in any dog can cause further issues with their hearts, or with future feeding. Instead, look for dog foods that contain green leafy vegetables in them, broccoli is a pretty sure bet. It has all the right amounts of vitamin C and a reasonable amount of sugar.

What about vegetables ?

For dogs who are a little pickier other vegetables like spinach and peas make good sources as well. Both spinach and peas often are already added in many dog food brands.

bulldog food allergies


Eczema, Dermatitis, and Seborrhea oh my! English Bulldogs have a strong tendency to get a lot of different skin problems during their life. Making sure they have nutrients in their diets to help alleviate some of them will help keep your pet happy.

 What role Omega 3 play ?

Omega-3 fatty acids to help manage their skin problems can take the form of fish oil and actual fish. Animal products like eggs and meat in general also contain some omega-3 fatty acids.

What this means basically is this nutrient isn’t hard to get the right amounts, as it is widely available in dog foods.

For an English Bulldog, make sure that with any food you are buying, the meat product, whatever it may be, is number one on the ingredient list.

This trick also works for human food, the first ingredient on the list is the one that most of the product is made of.

For our dogs, this makes sure enough of the nutrients they need are present.

What about Avocado ?

But please keep in mind that while avocado might jump to your mind as a great source of Omega-3s for humans, it is actually very toxic to your canine companion and should never be in any dog food! Avoid it like the plague!

Another aspect of nutrition that is in a bit of contention these days is grains. Veterinary medicine, just like human medicine is conflicted on grains.

Every dog owner seems to want to know about them and if they are evil disruptors of your dog’s diet or some holy grail. The real answer is somewhere in between.

Best Dog Food For English Bulldogs : What do the experts say ?

This is what we have concrete studies for. Scientists at the Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition studied the digestibility, which is basically your dog’s ability to get nutrients from and easily digest the food, of six carbohydrate sources.

The short of it is yes, your dog can safely eat grains, although some are better than others and mostly grains just allow pet food companies to control the number of calories in a given food.

They often use them as essentially filler. The study also ranked which grains were the best, that wheat family grains are actually the most digestible, followed by rice with peas and lentils being the worst but still well within safe limits.

Nearly all the grains studied were safe and digestible, and help add caloric bulk to your best friend’s food.

However, It’s important to note that while millet is digestible it has also been linked to hyperthyroidism and for English Bulldogs, this means it should be avoided at all costs and is the only real unhealthy grain as far as science proves!

If you want to know more about nutrition for your English Bulldog I’ve mentioned above you need look no further than, “Functional foods in pet nutrition:

Focus on dogs and cats” which was a massive compilation of almost 50 studies gathered in 2015 and has even been made into a textbook in veterinary science for how through it is on every aspect of your dog’s nutrition.

It is always important to stay up to date on the latest studies, and often a quick google search to a reputable source can give you all the information you may need.

What Are The Types of Dog Foods Should My Pet Eat ?

Home-cooked or ready-made type foods, are usually found in a small fridge in the pet store or maybe in the ultra-fancy specialty pet stores.

While they are higher quality they might not have everything your dog may need. Sometimes you might even find someone willing to make their own food, but the average person doesn’t usually have the time or knowledge to safely do that, especially for a breed as troubled with health problems as English Bulldogs.

It may even appear like these foods are higher in nutrition, fresher, and sometimes even look like they may be up to the standards of a human meal! But unfortunately, many of these foods are not stored properly, since it’s not designed for human consumption.

Best Dog Food For Bulldogs ? : Safety

Those regulations are set for a reason. The sad fact is that they are not always monitored well enough to ensure that bacteria and mold doesn’t grow while they are sitting in fridges, or worse sometimes placed simply on shelves.

The quality of ingredients used is often ruined by improper storage. Either on the part of the manufacturer or of the end store.

Simply put, at this time there are not enough regulations made for this new type of dog food for it to be reliably safe.

We always want to make sure we give our dogs the best food so it may be a good idea to avoid these types of food sources for your furry friend until more regulations and oversight occur.

After the more home-cooked style, canned food seems like the next closest step to the freshest and most nutritious food.

Canning has been one of the main ways humanity has dispersed food while maintaining some fresh consistency.

Safe packing and storing methods have also been well discovered for this form of dog food. Canned food can often be divided into pâté and stew styles.

For English Bulldogs stew style, canned food usually contains gums and modified starch in the gravy that may not only inflame skin conditions, but may even also wreak havoc on their intestines.

Cans also have some lesser added risks. According to “Science of the Total Environment” some forms of canned dog food have been found to contain toxic metals at a higher level than other forms of dog food due to packaging.

Pâté style might seem like a reasonable alternative then, but while pâté might work well for other breeds that aren’t so prone to teeth problems, for English Bulldogs, according to the Australian Veterinary Journal, the mixture is likely to stick to their teeth leading to more plaque which is the last thing you need for your best friend. Dental problems for canines, in general, are already very hard to deal with, and avoiding worsening them is the best route.

bulldog food allergies


This leads us to kibble, one of the oldest forms of mass-produced dog food. For this form, there is often a bit of a stigma.

While it doesn’t look nutritious or fresh, this doesn’t mean it’s inferior to the others. This article finds that it is safe to say that kibble is the best option for an English Bulldog.

What is the conclusion ?

The same study mentioned before about how wet foods can lead to worsening teeth also shows that crunchy food is indeed better for your dog’s dental care.

It’s not just an old wives tale. The more they chew, the more they clean and work their teeth and gums.

Furthermore, due to the form kibble comes in, it favors grains like wheat and rice over more moist carbohydrate sources like lentils and peas.

Most forms of kibble have the exact same amount of nutrients as all the other dog food sources.

There’s also another big factor in why kibble is the safest option for your pet, and it surprisingly has nothing to do with nutrition so much as economics.

Dry dog food is the most shelf-stable of all the dog food types, which is pretty obvious. This means it’s easier to produce in mass quantities and then sell in bulk, leading to more profit for dog food companies.

With cheaper production costs, companies can spend more money buying quality ingredients for their kibble to compete in the market.

If you’re looking for which dog food to choose for your English Bulldog, consider that it’s better for companies to be cutting costs in other ways that won’t equal a worse quality food product.

The dry food market, because it is older, is also more competitive. The nature of a more competitive dry food market requires more quality food on the part of the manufacturer.

Dry kibble seems to have the upper hand out of all the other forms of dog food. In the end, the tried and true method of dog food wins out for the English Bulldog.

We all want what’s best for our furry friends. English Bulldogs especially need extra love for all the hard problems they can have regarding their health.

So choosing the best dog food is extra important. It can be hard to get the best information out there.

From our research, it appears that wheat or rice grain-based kibble, high in vitamin c bearing vegetables and omega-3 fatty acids, is the best choice for your English Bulldog. What are you waiting for?