Can Dogs Eat Potatoes : When They Are Hungry ?

Can dogs eat potatoes . Potatoes contain vitamins B and C, potassium, iron, and magnesium amongst other minerals. Cooked, they’re soft and tasty, a delicacy in many homes. These great tubers are loved by people the world over. But can dogs have cooked potatoes, too? The simple answer to this common question is, yes, dogs can be fed on cooked potatoes.

While dogs are naturally meat-eaters, If you decide like the potato won’t do them any harm. They’re soft and easy to digest, rarely cause digestive system irritation compared to grain-foods, and are easy to prepare.

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Potatoes provide dogs with the same nutrients that humans get when they eat them and make a great dog-meal when given in combination with other foods. Potatoes provide your dog with vitamin B3, B6, and vitamin C.

They’re also rich in minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and others. Antioxidants like carotenoids and flavonoids are also found in potato tubers.

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Potatoes can be fed to a dog in many ways and forms. They come included in commercial dog foods, or you can prepare them at home. When in purchased food, they come in the right quantities and form.

If you decide to make own potato meal for your dog, the best way-and most recommended form-is by baking or boiling. Potatoes fried in oil are a no-no. Too much oil in food, just like in humans, is harmful to a dog. It causes obesity and a whole lot of other health problems.

Sweet potatoes and white potatoes are great alternatives. Pet owners that have different pet foods will often find that some human foods are comparable. Dog a raw potato skin .

can dogs eat potatoes

mashed potatoes ok for dogs

When feeding potatoes to your dog, you should limit the quantities. Potatoes are high in carbs, which can make a dog put on weight over time, with accompanying issues to its health.

Can Dogs Eat Potatoes : What Is The Condition ?

The state or condition of the potatoes you feed your dog matters, too. Raw, immature, and green potatoes are dangerous; they contain solanine, a chemical substance characteristic to plants of the Solanaceae family. The chemical is toxic, causing health complications that range from mild to serious.

Boiled potatoes are soft on a dogs teeth so for dog owners it might not be a bad idea to incorporate small amounts of this food items as part of a dog balanced diet.

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Dog eat potatoes, however I would not add any condiments such as sour cream or using any crazy potato recipe to get the full benefits of feeding your dog potatoes.

If your figuring out what to give your dog to eat and feed your dog properlly than I recommend potatoes as it is not deemed as toxic to dogs. Raw potato is harder and might not be safe for dogs. Eat mashed potatoes instead as they are considered good for dogs and canine friendly.

If planning to cook potatoes for your dog, look for matured, fresh and firm tubers. Wash them adequately using clean water, then peel. Boil in water or bake in an oven.

Avoid adding butter, salt or any other common additive; it won’t add any value to the potatoes, plus the additives are not good to the overall health of your pet and can also cause issues with digestion.

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When feeding your dog cooked potatoes, ensure the following:

1. That the potatoes are not green

Green-skinned potatoes indicate the presence of high levels of solanine, a toxic chemical found in plants that belong to the Solanaceae plants. This naturally occurring chemical can cause harm to your dog’s nervous system, vision and digestive system. While cooking lowers the level of solanine in green potatoes, it may not eliminate it, and avoiding such tubers altogether is advisable. The green color on the skin of potatoes results from keeping them in direct sun or storing them for long; both of which are avoidable so that the potatoes you give your pet are safe.

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can dogs eat potatoes

2. That the potatoes are ripe and mature

The more mature the potatoes are, the less the levels of the toxic chemical called solanine. Avoiding potatoes that are too young helps to prevent the effects of the chemical that may even lead you to visit a vet. If you can, grow own potato crop, so you harvest it at the right time. Alternatively, when purchasing potatoes, you can look out for signs of maturity. They include firmness, intact skin that’s not peeled or bruised and size that’s considerable.

3. That the potatoes contain no additives

Additives such as salt lead to health issues. In addition to causing extreme thirst, too much salt in the food given to dogs results in diarrhea, vomiting, seizures, depression, and several other symptoms. If cooking the potatoes yourself, only boil or bake them without adding anything more. Also, cook them for long enough, until they’re soft. Cooking helps to destroy solanine as well as make the potatoes digestible.


4. Combine potatoes with proteins foods

Because potatoes are high in carbohydrates and low in vitamins and minerals, they’re better combined with other foods that contain the missing nutrients. Feeding your dog on boiled potatoes only provides it with energy, but deprives the pet of other nutrients vital to its health. Whether given as a main meal or as an occasional treat, it’s available to combine potatoes with other foods that contain proteins, minerals and vitamins to make the meal balanced.

5. Feed potatoes in moderation

While potatoes are soft and delicious, they contain too much of starch. Feeding your dog on large quantities of the tuber, and too frequently, would make it obese. If your dog doesn’t run around a lot, feeding it on high-energy foods like the potato would make it overweight since it has no way to expend the energy. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give potatoes to your dog, only watch the amounts, and the frequency; there are many benefits to it stands to gain from this veggie.

If your pet is diabetic, the high levels of carbohydrates present in cooked potatoes can cause sugar levels to rise. The best way to avoid sugar spikes is to give potatoes in low quantities, combining them with adequate amounts of proteins and veggies.

6. Avoid giving potatoes in the form of French Fries

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French fries, or potatoes chips, contain high amounts of fat that are not good for the health of your dog. The fat leads to obesity, a condition that also risks your pet developing insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes. Boiled or baked potatoes are the only forms of potatoes to feed your pet if you want it to remain healthy and get the most of the nutrients found in the tubers.

Cooked potatoes present a healthy food to feed your dog. When given in the right amounts and form, the tubers can add to your pet’s normal diet. Potatoes can be helpful to an active dog because they contain high levels of carbs. They’re also rich in vitamins and minerals, all necessary in maintaining the health of a dog. Always avoid feeding raw or undercooked potatoes to your dog; they do not only contain high levels of toxic solanine but are also not easily digestible.