Can Dogs Eat Parsley : An Educative And Informative Guide


Can dogs eat parsley . Parsley is a popular herb that is commonly known to have a lot of health benefits. This herb is commonly used by people who would like to enhance their general health and also deal with certain health conditions. The main factor that facilitates this is that this herb has a combination of nutrients that are rarely found in other herbs.

Because of the many health benefits that parsley provides to humans there have been questions whether this particular herb can be helpful to dogs.

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There are many people who would like their dogs to also enjoy the health benefits of this herb. There have also been scientific studies to establish whether this particular herb can be helpful to dogs. These studies have shown that parsley can also be helpful to dogs provided it is served in the right manner. So the answer to the question, can dogs eats parsley? Is yes.

does parsley help dogs bad breath

does parsley help dogs bad breath

Can Dogs Eat Parsley : Components

Some of the qualities that makes parsley ideal for dogs includes that it is nutritive and is rich in fiber, protein, vitamins (C, A B1, B2 and K).tests have also shown that it has traces of minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, calcium and phosphorus. Parsley has many health benefits reduces symptoms of bad breath in dogs. As well as help with urinary tract infections you could also put in dogs water on an empty stomach. It is a great breath freshener and good for dogs when used with fresh parsley in dog food and fresh leaves. All these nutrients and minerals are helpful to humans as well as to dogs. The nutrients and minerals compliment each other to provide dogs with an assortment of health benefits. Some of these benefits are short term while others are long term.

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This herb is also helpful to dogs with GI issues. This is because this herb is a carminative herb and as a result it helps in strengthening the intestinal muscles. Because of this the herb is effective in dealing with colic and flatulent dyspepsia.

Parsley is a diuretic and possibly can help humans lose 20 pounds if used as a dietary supplement such as parsley tea. It is also a great breath freshener for dogs. Fresh parsley and spring parsley with fresh leaves can provide anti inflammatory properties. Parsley leaves can help aid in urinary tract infections if used in large amounts. There are some dog treats that provide antimicrobial properties which are good for dogs. Parsley good dog food choice.

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Feeding and Dosage

Parsley can be fed to dogs in different ways. One of the most effective ways of feeding this herb to a dog is administering it as a nutritive tonic which involves making juice from the leaves of this herb. One can take these leaves and blend them in juicer or a blender and then feed the juice to the dog directly. One can also take this juice and add it to the dog’s water or food. Furthermore, one can also take the leaves and mash them while adding little quantities of water.

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Even though parsley is helpful it can cause unwanted effects to some dogs. Any pregnant dog should not be given this particular herb. This is mainly because the herb usually causes contractions in the stomach and this can affect a pregnant dog. This herb should also not be administered to a dog with kidney issues. It is only helpful to a dog that has healthy kidneys for it enhances the function of the kidney of such a dog.

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But a dog that has unhealthy kidneys can experience negative effects after using this particular herb. This means that prior to administering this herb one should check the kidneys of the dog and ensure that they are healthy. Despite these precautions it is evident that parsley is helpful to dogs of different kinds and different ages. Therefore, the answer to can dogs eat parsley is yes.