Can Dogs Eat Whipped Cream : What Are The Pros And Cons ?

Can dogs eat whipped cream ? When we order a Starbucks frappuccino, we would want to share it with our doggie. However, we must ask ourselves the question,  It is definitely a question on the minds of so many people since you don’t want to see your pooch frown.

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Besides, when dogs smell food, they will come to you and ask for some. Their faces look cute so you can’t help yourself but give them some. Of course, you must find out first if they are allowed to eat or drink what you are currently consuming. It would be better to ask your veterinarian first before it is too late. Yes, taking your dog to the pet hospital because of a sick stomach is definitely a bad sign.

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This sweet treat has sugar and fats which can cause health issues for any dog breed. The sugar content creates sugary treats which is sensitive to dairy.


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Can Dogs Eat Whipped Cream : Pros

Whipped cream is delicious so it is alright to feed your dog small amounts. Yes, a simple taste would be enough.

Think of it like the taste you will get when you sample ice cream flavor at a gelato place. Remember, too much of something is bad and that includes whipped cream.

Dogs are similar to humans since we’re both living things. That means if your pets consume too much sugar then their blood sugar level will rise too. When that happens, you only have yourself to blame.

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Too much of whipped cream can increase the risk of the dog getting diabetes. Yes, dogs can also inherit this disease just like humans. The sickness can cause organ failure so better watch what you feed them.

In fact, all the desserts are bad for dogs. There is a reason why there are no dessert places for pets. It is never a good idea to feed them, sweets. Since it will make your dogs fat, your pet can be prone to other diseases.

This is alarming especially since dog obesity is becoming common nowadays. It is never a good idea to spoil your pets with delicious food all the time. Just like how humans should not eat delicious food all the time as it will affect your body in a bad way.

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What About The Health Of My Dog Teeth ?

Whipped cream is bad for the dog’s teeth so it is possible your pet may develop dental cavities. When that happens, the dog will have a hard time chewing food in the future.

Dogs also use their teeth to protect their matters so it is the most important part of a dog’s body. When they want to protect you, they will bite intruders.

Since it is a dairy product, whipped cream can also cause lactose intolerance for some dogs that have it.

Studies show that most dogs have it so better have your dog checked if he or she has it. If you don’t, it is safe to assume that your pet does so better keep it away from it as far away as possible.

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Remember, dogs are smart animals so they can easily go to the whipped cream themselves if you leave it on the table. Thus, better put the whipped cream inside the fridge or somewhere where your dog can’t find it.


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In conclusion, it would be best to consult a veterinarian first before feeding your dog whipped cream. There is a reason why it is not put in dog food. It is high in sugar and it is a dairy product.

It is not supposed to be consumed in large amounts. No matter how much your dog wants more whipped cream, better not give in to the temptation. It is for your dog’s future.

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The last thing you would want to happen is for it to get sick. A dog is man’s best friend and your pet will cheer you up when you are in a bad mood. Yes, your dog is like a stress reliever so seeing it sick will certainly make you sad.

Therefore, it would be better to opt for other doggy treats. There are so many doggy treats that are more delicious than whipped cream. Your doggie will surely love those treats and they’re more delicious too.

Just search around the pet store and see what you can find. You will certainly come across a treat that is not only healthier than whipped cream but better too.