Great Dane Top Speed : How Fast Can They Run ?

Great dane top speed ? The Great Dane is a fast dog that can run at a very high speed of up to 30mph top speed. The dog is not a pure breed; it is a crossbreed between the Mastiff and the Irish wolfhound.

The Great Dane is among the fastest dogs on the planet, and it has its size to thank for that. The dog has a slender frame with long sturdy legs that make it run very fast.

Great Dane Running Speed : How Fast Are They ?

The frame enables the dog to easily thrust forward with minimal resistance. The logic behind this is that the bigger the dog, the larger area it covers.

That is why the Great Dane is very fast. The dog is significant because of the parent breed, both the Irish wolfhound and the Mastiff are massive dogs and passed their genes over to the Great Dane.

Functions of the fast dogs

Although the Great Dane is not the fastest dog in the world, that title goes to the Greyhound with a speed of 50mph; it still impressively fast. The Great Dane is used in hunting as it can be reliable especially when need to chase animals that are fast.

People or hunters instead take the dog to their grounds, and they release them to bring back the game. They can chase down rabbits and deer, which are quick animals also, the dogs can also take down bears thanks to its enormous size.

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The dog, however, cannot chase criminals; it is a laid back dog and cannot serve as a guard. You do not need to have a guard dog because the sheer size of the dog can scare off any burglar. The Great Dane has been named the tallest dog breed.

In earlier times, the Great Danes were used by the princes to hunt down enemies and wild animals. They were loyal and protective of their owners, and they have preferred companions to their masters.

Today, people who use the Great Danes are those that have hobbies in hunting. A single Great Dane cannot take down a bear by itself, and the dogs work in groups to hunt. They are, therefore, social and can work together.

great dane top speed

What makes them so fast?

The size of the dog is what makes the breed quick. It has very long legs and a lean body that enables it to thrust easily and fast. Another attribute of this beast that works to its advantage in terms of speed is its height.

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The Great Dane is the tallest dog on the planet, and this makes it fast. The large body enables the dog to cover more space in very minimal time. It has the Irish wolfhound and the Mastiff to thank for the size.

The Mastiff is a huge dog that can weigh up to 100 kilos. The Mastiff is, however, very calm, it is not an aggressive dog and cannot be used as a guard dog. That is where the laid back nature of the Great Dane comes into play.

The other parent is the Irish wolfhound. The Irish wolfhound is the runner. It was initially used to hunt for the army during the war. It is slightly aggressive and can weigh up to 180 pounds.

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The dog can hunt bears and dears, which is where the Great Dane gets its hunting knowledge. The crossbreed between the two dogs created a super dog, which was a success in terms of speed and size.

Are the great Danes always fast?

The answer is no. The dogs are not always fast, especially the young ones. They need to be introduced to exercising at a very young age to build their muscles.

However, it would be best if you were careful when applying the pups. The greatest asset of the Great Dane is the long legs, and therefore, the legs should be taken care of and not overboard with a lot of work.

For young pups, you need to manipulate them to get them to exercise their legs. For example, you can take them out for walks or play soccer with them.

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For young Great Danes, a little exercise goes a long way to making them great runners once they grow up. Training does not just start of the blues, and they must have a go-ahead from their vet.

The vet knows the pup’s capabilities, and they know if the dog is ready. It would be best if you also had a different diet, one that gives them enough energy to run and gives them power, so a lot of carbohydrates and proteins.

How to train older Great Danes to run fast

A Great Dane needs to start training at the age of two, but this is also as per the vet’s advice. A 2-year-old Great Dane is more than ready for more than walks and catching balls.

However, you need to pay attention to the thin legs. Despite its age, the dog still has slender legs. The weight of the body above is too much for the slim legs. Training should not be a lot on the dog.

The training should not be a daily activity, and the dog needs to rest and cool its muscles. The training sessions should also have enough water, and the dog needs to keep hydrated.

The training should also not be too strenuous. After success in one sitting, you can increase the intensity little by little. The dog should not notice the changes because this might make it lazier and lose interest in the training. The key to exercise is to take it easy, and slowly, this method will undoubtedly yield results.

What to feed great Danes while training

The problem of feeding bigger dogs is that they have a shallow metabolic rate and need to be feed in small portions to avoid them from becoming very big and inactive.

Therefore, a big dog needs food rich in protein to give them more strength and build on their metabolism. The Great Danes also need vitamins and nutritional supplements from their vet.

When the dog is younger, you should not have to worry about slow metabolism because the dog’s bodies are smaller and therefore have a high metabolic rate and can break down food a lot faster. While young, you can feed them more carbohydrates to build on their energy. When they start getting bigger, then switch to more proteins and vitamins.

Proper training and a healthy diet make the Great Dane an incredibly fast dog. It is beloved by many and is an excellent dog for hunting. The dog takes orders and is loyal to the owner. Most of all, it is a lovable giant that is a great companion.

You would want to take your dog for daily walks if they are a hunting dog and have the ability to run 35 mph such as an afghan hound that is medium sized during longer distances.

Working dogs move pretty fast than smaller dogs and the dog breeds with long legs are normally guard dogs and can run a certain miles per hours. The Irish wolfhound or the german boarhound can run at 30 mph which is considered the fastest dogs and the great dane run at top speed even as great dane puppies.

A large breed can run 25 mph even if it is the tallest dog and a jack russell terrier have been clocked at 40 mph when they hunt bears. A dog in the world with great speed is the doberman pinscher. These dogs can be black and white and can sprint long distances even fast than a border collie. The dogs are sprint ready.